Besotted Wednesdays 14 Mar 2011

Bringing you things that have me drunkenly infatuated. Or is it infatuatingly drunk? Either way, it's things and places I love. 

For (probably a long) while, some of the links may seem like old news. This is because I currently have a backlog of pure awesomeness to sort through.

What would you do if you hit a midlife crisis? I know they say that people generally try to recapture their youth, but I still don’t feel like I’ve lost it. I suppose each would ‘deal’ with it in their own way. Motorbikes, convertibles, you name it. What about gadgets though?

I’m not one for fashion. Especially fashion shows. I never understand how they can think it’s ‘fashion’. The models are far too thin and the things they dress them in look strange to me, but this is one fashion show I can get behind.

I’ve seen lots of different fitness applications. Never used them myself though. From what I’ve seen though, there’s ones to keep track of what you do either by you entering the information or by means of GPS/pedometer. I’m not sure what they offer in the way of motivation though. I’m sure this one would offer quite a lot of motivation though.

Polaroids seem like such a timeless classic when it comes to photography. Even with the advent of digital cameras, they’ve never lost their appeal. Whether it’s the classic Polaroid border, the instant photo, people never seem to stop loving the Polaroid cameras.

People seem to be really bored with regular ice cube... well, cubes. I’ve seen some good ones out there. Bored Panda have come up with a list of the best ones.

Know a graphic designer friend? Have you ever asked a favour from them? How’d it turn out? This guy learnt the hard way not to ask for freebies.

While I’m not a fan of the books – never having read them – I thought this was an absolutely brilliant idea. It’s a fan made interactive map for A Song of Fire and Ice.


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