Did you get taken in?

Yesterday was April Fools and as usual, many websites pulled some sort of prank. I’m not usually up for pranks and even less so on April Fools, but these do give me a chuckle. I especially like the ones that seem to offer something so completely and utterly ridiculous but somehow one that people fall for.

At most, the only thing I would probably do for April Fools (if I ever remembered to) is the dinner for dessert / dessert for dinner trick. Something like meat cupcakes or ‘spaghetti meatballs’. I believe the spaghetti is icing and the meatballs Ferrero Rochers dunked in raspberry jelly.

I guess that’s why I don’t mind the website pranks. It seems (to me anyway) the most harmless one out of any other prank I’ve heard about.

I’ve been called ‘too sensitive’ before, and I guess I can be, but pranks just seem hurtful to me. I don’t mean physically, although there are those ones, just the emotional side of it.

Are you sensitive to pranks? Or am I really being too sensitive?

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