I speak alienese

Or at least, that's what it seems like to me. I've really been noticing it lately. I'll explain something, or try to get an answer about something, and no matter how clear I think I'm making myself, things still get seriously misunderstood.

Maybe it's me. I have teased the English language a lot for being so thoroughly stupid over the years. Maybe this is it's way of getting back to me. By making my clear and specific explanations sound like gibberish.

Or maybe my English is too archaic for this new modern age where words no longer mean what they used to mean and people speak in acronyms and sprinkle liberally with net-speak.

I seem to have no problem conversing with people on the internet though, so maybe it is me. Have I lost the ability to be understood through the spoken word?

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I'm a mum who (would you believe) is still trying to find her way. There's so many distractions in this world! A few years ago I enrolled to do a Bachelor's Degree in Naturopathy, now I'm questioning that decision. Currently re-exploring my creative side and this is where I'll be sharing it. Printables, drawings, my daughters creations, and whatever we whip up in the kitchen on the weekend. Explore, enjoy and don't be a stranger ;)
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