The Beginnings of my Ramblings

With so many random thoughts flying through my head space, I figured I needed to get it out somehow. I also figure that there must be others on a similar wavelength to me out there in the big wide world! So I’m putting pen to paper... or text to digital space as the case may be.

So who is this person emptying her thoughts into cyberspace? Well, I’m a mid-thirties mum who likes sci-fi/fantasy books and movies, gadgets, arts & crafts, reading (obviously), ice-skating (though don’t have much of a chance to do these days), and cars (not so much the mechanical aspect though). I’m also the biggest mushball you’ve ever seen. I mean it. You know those ads for Bondi Vet where some pet needs urgent surgery? Have you seen any episodes of Ghost Whisperer? Yeah, I’ll be the one blubbering by the end of it

You’re welcome to offer your own opinions on my ramblings, or even add your own! I may be one cat away from being a crazy cat lady, but human interaction is still a good thing. Right?


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I'm a mum who (would you believe) is still trying to find her way. There's so many distractions in this world! A few years ago I enrolled to do a Bachelor's Degree in Naturopathy, now I'm questioning that decision. Currently re-exploring my creative side and this is where I'll be sharing it. Printables, drawings, my daughters creations, and whatever we whip up in the kitchen on the weekend. Explore, enjoy and don't be a stranger ;)
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