An accidental experiment in caffeine & sugar

Going through my notes, I came across one entry that I just had to post. It happened one cold winter morning...

On this particular morning, I had to leave the house early so I could get to the ATM to get money out for the guy who did my lawns as he had done my lawns a week or so ago even though I told him that I wouldn’t be able to pay him until payday. Anyway, most mornings I don’t have breakfast until I get to work though sometimes I manage to squeeze in a cuppa and some toast. Well, this morning I had a hankering for a frothy coffee of some sort and a bite to eat. After debating the issue for some time in my head, it was decided that as I had a bus to catch, and of course, no food or drink on the buses, that I would wait until I got into town. That lasted for all of about two seconds when I got to the bus stop and noticed the sign in front of the takeaway across the road. ‘Do the $1 danish’. Hell yeah! So 1 flat white and a cherry danish later. I had asked for some cold milk in the coffee so I could finish it before the bus arrived. Usually when I get a coffee, I ask for a small one as that’s enough for me. This time I forgot to specify and was presented with a rather large cup full of frothy wonder.

I did manage to finish that cup and my yummy cherry danish, but it wasn’t until I was on the bus safe from the freezing cold winds outside that I realised I should have waited until I was in town and had time to drink my coffee in my usual leisurely fashion.

On my bus trips to work, I usually do one of four things. Puzzles, homework, read or sleep. Today I thought I had best catch up on homework. After a couple of paragraphs I realised that I wasn’t making any headway and my thoughts were all over the place. More so than usual. Topics would change with blinding speed. Once I even thought, ‘My god is that the time?’ and I was staring out at the clouds.

Once this realisation hit, it became apparent that, contrary to previous beliefs, I am no more immune to the effects of caffeine than any other person. It had just never been so obvious as never had I drank such a large quantity of coffee in such a short time before. I’m actually amazed that I have managed to stay on topic for this long though I’m realising that some of my sentences are rather long. Also, there has been the odd pause here and there as I’ve either noticed something or some other thought has wandered in though thankfully they haven’t made it to paper.

And now I think writing it all down has done me some good as I’ve run out of steam. Besides, it’s almost the end of my bus trip and my thoughts are turning to the boots, jeans, and sweater I wish to purchase for my upcoming holiday.

Have you ever found out that something affects you more than you realised?


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