How’s that work again?

Are you someone who likes to find out how things work? Figure it out for yourself? Maybe with minimal guidance from someone else? Or would you rather quiz someone with specific details right down to the very last instruction?

I love finding out how things work. When I was little, I had a little calculator that had a clown face that you had to slide up to turn on. Well, I was curious as to how it worked, so I pulled it apart. I never got to use it again though because I couldn’t remember how to put it back together again!

Stories about getting hubby to work the VCR were reversed in my house. Hooking up more gadgets to the TV? That was my job. Got a new fangled digital camera to figure out? Yep, that would be my job again. I usually only read the manual if I really needed to.

Then I come across the people that aren’t so great at figuring these things out. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, because then I usually get to help out! (which I love doing ) I just wonder at how people’s brains can work so differently. When I need to explain something, I find that some can pick up my instructions fairly easily, while others just don’t seem to get it at all and I end up doing what’s needed anyway.

So, which one would you be? Do you like finding out how things work for yourself or do you find someone else to do it for you?


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