O.C.D or just a quirk

I like things a certain way. I like things done a certain way. I like my piles of paper on my work desk to be neat. Even if I'm going to throw them out in a couple of minutes. (By 'throw them out', I mean put in the secure document bin for recycling.) I like the newspapers to be in a tidy pile in the work kitchen. I like the stools to be neatly in place under the bench. One day I was rearranging the things in the stationery/printer room because they had been (messily) put in the wrong place. A co-worker saw me, asked me what I was doing and then referred to me as 'Monk'.

Now, I've always been like this. I'll tidy up the greeting cards and magazines in newsagents. But never once have I thought of myself as having O.C.D. I still don't think I do. Of course, I've never actually seen a professional about it, but I still think they would agree with me. To me, O.C.D implies something more serious than what I do. I don't let it rule my life. It wouldn't stress me to leave something be.

Surely that's just human nature? Do you like things done a certain way? Would it bother you if something was  put in a different spot?


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