I’m not much of a bug person. Sure, when I was a kid I did the typical kid thing and adopt cicadas, stick a whole bunch of ladybugs in a plastic container (with holes of course!) and try to make pets of a couple of worms (sans worm garden…), but now… yeuch. I still like cicadas, ladybugs are beautiful and I feel sorry for the poor worms that get squished whenever it rains a lot around home. Those are the good bugs.

I’m talking about scary looking spiders, cockroaches, flies... you know, the ones most people don’t like. It’s the spider part that brings me to this topic today. See, I have a little courtyard and maybe I haven’t been out there in a while due to being busy and rainy weather. Well, it seems this giant freaking spider thought it would be a good place to weave a humongous web and hang out. (There may be some slight exaggeration there, but it sure doesn’t feel like it!)

Now I’m too freaked out to venture out there. I was never any good at dealing with spiders. Once I rang up my then boyfriend to come over and get rid of the spider hanging out on the balcony of the apartment I was living in. It seems his idea of getting rid of it involved baseball practice with the spider as the ball and his shoe as the bat.

How do you deal with the inevitable creepy crawlies that venture into our domiciles? Do you squeal and run like I do? Or are you made or steelier materials than I?

Note: I tried to get a picture of it, but they're coming out blurry. Mainly because I'm too chicken to get close enough.


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