Food, glorious and wonderful

I’ll tell anyone that I love my food. I don’t stress whether or not something is ‘fattening’ or ‘bad for me’. Everything is bad for you if you’re stupid about it. Eat in moderation. Don’t eat more than your fill. All that jazz. Not much can put me off my food either. I remember in high school while eating some musk lollies, a friend told me that musk is scraped off deer testicles.

‘Fascinating’ I said as I popped another musk flavoured lolly in my mouth.

I don’t see myself as ‘picky’ about my food, although I suppose I am. In a way that I’m about to contradict myself. I know people that are super picky about things. Like they’ll only eat such-and-such brand of chocolate. Or won’t eat something made from a particular country (yes, that’s true).

As long as I’m happy with the taste, I’m not going to worry about brands or country.

That being said though, I don’t like how food is being ‘fancied up’ (My made up term ) I like good, old-fashioned, regular ways of food. Meals that are bigger than a speck on my plate. Something that doesn’t look like I’m ruining an art sculpture. Added herbs and spices that don’t overwhelm.

Even cupcakes. Yeah, those cupcakes with the thick buttercream may look pretty in the store window, but (and I can’t be the only one) that much buttercream makes me want to puke. I enjoy icing that doesn’t make my throat spasm.

Would you prefer something that looks fantastic on display but is mediocre in taste, or would you rather keeps things simple and be in taste heaven?


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