Is it just me or are we getting more and more acronyms? Companies and businesses use them. Texting, IMing, and whatever else have you. It sometimes seems hard to keep up. Then there’s the ones that use the same letters, but mean different things. Or maybe you grew up with one version and now it means something else (Lots of Love vs. Laugh Out Loud).

In a world that seems to like things fast, I sometimes feel like I’m the odd one out taking it slower. I’ll be the one waiting for the little green man to tell me I can cross the road, and I’ll be the one actually typing out the words rather than what seems to be the new style of shorthand. OK, so I do use LOL sometimes. Mostly because it looks weird if I comment ‘Laugh Out Loud!’.

Even my mum who frustrates me to no end when I watch her try to do something on the computer, or when I try to show her how to use her mobile phone uses ‘txt spk’. Oftentimes I’ll stare at the screen for a good few minutes deciphering her message. Kind of feel like it’s all backwards.

How do you use acronyms? Do you use it as much as you possible can? Avoid it like the plague? Or have you found that seemingly elusive happy middle ground?


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