Money, money, money

Guess what? Don't worry, I'm going to tell you anyway. It's my birthday on Saturday (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). No idea what I'm going to do though. I'm not one for big gatherings of people. Especially if the gathering is because of me. But (yes, I did just start a sentence with a preposition) that's not what made me bring up my birthday. It's because I have stuck inside my head that I have to buy a lotto ticket for Saturday's draw. "Why?" you ask. Because my mother keeps reminding me that there's going to be a huge jackpot on that day. I don't remember how much it is, only that if I were the single winner, I would be beyond ecstatic and immediately set about organising a world trip.

Like most people I've occasionally thought about how nice it would be to win lotto/powerball/obscenely huge amounts of cash and already spent most of it in my mind, but it seems to me that my mother is obsessed about trying to win some sort of jackpot. Whenever there's a large jackpot coming up, she says to me, "Don't forget to get your entry!"

To me, sure, it'd be nice and if I remember to buy a ticket, then whatever. It's not going to bother me if I don't buy one.

Anyway, how would you spend your winnings if you won some huge lotto jackpot? What I'd do is;

  • Buy my house. Not just any house, but the one I'm renting now. We quite like it here.
  • Buy a car. Yes, I know I said I'm liking not having a car, but when I want to buy shelves at IKEA, I kind of need to bring it home in something.
  • World trip! There's so many places I want to see. I doubt that I'd do it all in one go though. Oh, and I'd have to send mum over to see her sister.
  • Buy mum her own place to live. She lost her house last year and is currently in a sticky predicament.
  • After the big things, there's the little things. Like buy some new clothes, replace my old, worn out bookshelves, replace my ancient desktop. The rest would probably go into savings and a trust fund for my daughter.

I'd still probably keep my job though. Funny as it may sound, seeing as I keep hearing/seeing people complain about their jobs, I love my job. Would you continue working, or would it be an ecstatic 'SEE YA LATER!'?


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