What's your calling?

A few lunch breaks ago, one of our PAs had some questions for me. Now, what those questions were and what they related to I'm not entirely sure as she usually has quite a few. Probably either something to do with her mobile phone or her computer. After answering her, she said, "I think you've missed your calling."
What calling she had in mind, I don't know. And when did I miss it?

Sure I like helping people. Sure I'll answer as best I can or direct you to where you can find the answer, but what exactly kind of calling does that indicate? Sure I've thought about getting my Microsoft certificates before. Sure I've briefly thought about doing help desk, but I don't think that would mean I missed my calling.

For one thing, I've heard too many help desk stories. Yes there's the good ones, but it's the bad ones I worry about. I don't deal well with anger or criticism. If I went for the Microsoft certificates, then which one?

Further educataion has always baffled me. In high school, everyone else was planning what subjects they needed for what they wanted to do in life. Me? It kind of went like this; "Hmmm... ancient history sounds interesting. I'll do that. I like playing the keyboard, I'll do music. Ooo!! Woodwork! That sounds like fun!" And you can forget about me planning what university I wanted to attend and what courses I would do. In the end, I didn't finish high school. Sometimes I wish I had. Then I have a hot chocolate and feel all better.

Even now, I'm enrolled to do a Bachelor of Naturopathy. Which I like. Mostly. There's heaps of things I love learning about. Then there's the ones that make my head hurt and cause me to wonder why in blazes I enrolled in the first place.
Then there's the part of me that wants to go off and do some stunt driving courses and get into stunt driving.

In conclusion, for me, this whole 'your calling' business is completely nuts. They make it sound like there's one thing you should be doing, so you should stick with it. Personally, I'd rather go with the flow...


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