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I took my daughter to see The Hunger Games on Thursday, and even though I haven’t read the books, I quite liked it (if you can ignore the whole ‘kill off 23 kids every year’ thing).

My daughter on the other hand devoured the books in the week leading up to opening day and was quite irritated with discrepancies and missing scenes (especially seeing as she was looking forward to seeing Josh Hutcherson take off his shirt). I reminded her, “Would you rather they didn’t make the movie at all?” The answer of course being, “NO!”

It took me back to when we avidly awaited each of the Harry Potter movies. If you treat them as movies in their own right instead of trying to bring a book to life, then they’re good movies. They’re not going to be able to fit every little detail in a movie.

First there’s the time factor. You just can’t fit it all in and have a reasonable length movie. Then there are the slow moving parts of the books which would make for boring viewing and lastly we have things that don’t come across well. In a book, reading about a character’s thoughts is alright. Constantly hearing a voiceover so you can hear what they’re thinking is entirely different.

Are there any examples that you can think of where you would rather they had just not done the movie at all?


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