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Working, as I do, for an accounting firm, I sometimes feel like I’m the odd ball. I’m no accountant, I do the admin work so when they talk about audits and such, my eyes start to glaze over. I did once find a couple of fellow Harry Potter fans. Of course, they weren’t accountants either. Not to mention they didn’t seem as… enthusiastic* about the series as me. Then they went and left the company. Well, first they moved to other departments, then they left. So, here I am feeling like the oddball again.

Last week while skimming through the feed from our company's social network, I noticed that someone had made a… wait for it… science-fiction fans group! Honestly, I would have squealed in joy if I wasn't so self-conscious of the imaginary stares. Now, I am mostly fantasy, but there’s a good dash of sci-fi in me so I was thrilled that there are semi like-minded souls in our company. Most of them seem to be from Melbourne, but I don’t care!

I experienced double ecstasy as a couple of days before I had purchased the SFX Doctor Who fanzine. Now I was able to share that with others! (And of course my daughter could have some relief from her crazy mother).

What are some of the unlikely places that you’ve found fellow lovers of {Harry Potter, sci-fi, gaming, cheese}?

* enthusiastic being the nicest possible way I can describe my obsession 


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