New obsession

I seem to have gained a new obsession. Well, an old obsession. Well, a new, old obsession.

See, it’s the Doctor. 

When I was younger, I remember watching the fourth Doctor. Loved it. Don’t know why I never watched it after that. Then recently, quite by chance, I was flicking through channels and came across an episode of Doctor Who with the eleventh Doctor. Not bad I thought.

Then sometime after that, I came across another episode of Doctor Who. It was when the tenth Doctor had just regenerated. After that it became my new regular show to watch. And I have to say, I seem to be slightly obsessed. I can’t seem to get enough of David Tennant.

Matt Smith makes a marvellous Doctor as well, but for the moment, I prefer David’s take.

It’s fascinating piecing together bits and pieces. Not to mention bringing back old memories. Seeing what’s changed, what hasn’t much. New companions, new foes.

True to Timelord fashion, I believe the show is just a timeless one. One quote I saw said, ‘as long as humans have imaginations, they will never run out of ideas.’ And I’d have to agree. There is all of time and space to come up with a story for the Doctor.

Have you ever watched the Doctor? Have a favourite? Have other preferences?


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