Waiting for my tea to brew at work, I wandered over to the window and looked down at the street as I’ve done countless times before. This time though I noticed something odd.

Working in the city, you tend to get used to office workers scurrying about in their black suits so you don’t really pay much attention to them in the end. Looking down at the street, I noticed that the majority of vehicles were white and I idly wondered if perhaps it was their way of trying to balance things out.

I think I must be one of the few CDB office workers that doesn’t actually own a black suit. The only black thing I might wear to work it one of my jackets. Most of the time I’m left feeling if my colour choice leaves me fading into the background, but I just can’t bring myself  to wear something that would have me feeling... down... sad... whatever it is, it wouldn’t be happy or cheerful.

Watching all the black suits makes me feel like I’m watching drones or automatons, and then I’ll see someone in bright colours and it does actually feel like it brightens my day.

What would be/is your chosen office clothing colour? If it’s a dark colour, is it because ‘it’s the thing to do’ or you actually prefer to wear those colours? If you lean more towards the lights and brights, how does it make you feel seeing what seems to be a sea of dark clothing?


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