Besotted Wednesdays 07 Dec 2011

Bringing you things that have me drunkenly infatuated. Or is it infatuatingly drunk? Either way, it's things and places I love. 

For (probably a long) while, some of the links may seem like old news. This is because I currently have a backlog of pure awesomeness to sort through.

I can’t quite place my finger on it, but there’s something about typewriters that I just love. Sure, I used to use my dad’s one pretending that I knew how to type while filling up paper with enormous amounts of gibberish. Sure, I can type way faster on a computer, but I still like them. Apparently so does this guy. Although, he’s decided to see if he can paint with his by coming up with what he calls a Chromatic Typewriter.

OK, you’ve got the presents sorted, but what about the cards? GeekSugar have come across some awesome handmade geekified cards for us.

Presents, cards, what about the cookies?? I’ve seen Star Wars themed cookie cutters, but what if you want to make them, but don’t have the cutters? Well, as long as you do have holiday cookie cutters, you should be fine. SweetSugarBelle shows us how to make Star Wars cookies out of regular cutters.

I knew there was a reason I ditched the mini’s and midriff tops. Apparently we’re more attractive when we cover up. I thought it was just my age showing when I tut-tutted girls in revealing clothes!

I love the style of the propaganda posters and apparently so does someone else! He’s taken that style and created social media propaganda posters.

Do you fake it? Or keep it real? These guys love to fake it.
They take popular media and create some awesome imagery.

One of my favourite places to keep up-to-date with technological news. GeeksAreSexy not only keeps me informed, but also amused (and reminds me that I am sexy !)


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