Curiosity killed the... curious?

We had an announcement at work a while ago not to venture near the street behind our building. Doors were locked. We were advised that if driving and we normally went down that street, we had best find another way and most ominous of all, "You'll be in no danger if you do not go near H Street". WTF? What's dangerous down there?? Anyway, I merely puzzled over the mysterious message and went on clicking through pictures on imgur. More predictably though, many of my co-workers flocked to the windows to see if they could see anything happening in said street. Apparently there's some yellow police tape and an officer standing about, but no one could really see much else of what was happening.

This reminded me of accidents. Either doing the 360 when you're supposed to be driving because there's been an accident on the road or even pedestrians looking madly about when they hear a crash. What is it that makes people have to look? OK, I’ll react to the sound. Screech of tyres, hand held on horn for far too long in my opinion, but then I continue on my merry way. If I’m driving and I drive past an accident scene, then my brain will fleetingly think, ‘Oh, there’s an accident. Poor person. Thankful it wasn’t me though.’
I’ve noticed other drivers though slow down to about 5kmp/h and practically have their necks twisted out the window trying to get a good look at the whole scene.

Is it just me? Does curiosity overtake you? Or does it not bother you apart from noting what has happened?

Update: Apparently it was a chair from a nearby apartment balcony that got stuck on one of the protrusions under the windows.


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