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Working in the city, I see so many people just going through the motions of daily working life. Like automatons making their way to work, to lunch, back to work and home again. Rarely noticing anything else going on. Barely even noticing other people around them. This is why it was such a pleasure to come across thefuntheory. They implement ideas, not just to make things fun, but to change people’s automatic routine.

These ideas benefit us emotionally and physically, and in one particular case, the environment. I was really wishing that they would bring their ideas here. Who wouldn’t love ‘playing’ a piano as you walk up and down the stairs, or gain points for recycling? I’m sure it would brighten up your day. Especially if your day at the office wasn’t a particularly good one.

It reminded me of when I came across an adult-sized version of a McDonald’s playground. It was setup for the purpose of a commercial and it was lovely to see so many office workers interrupt their rush to work and have an absolute ball. I felt a little sad when they took it down. It would have been a nice permanent fixture, but of course there’s no real room for things like that in the city.

Do you think people need more fun in their lives? What would you like to see in your area?


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