Physical photos vs. digital photos

Does anyone actually keep photo albums like the old days? I still have my albums from pre-digital days, but printing out photos I’ve taken with digital cameras, not so much. I still love my photos, but I just never seem to get around to printing them. I currently have an old reminder on my phone to print some blasted photos and there’s a folder on my computer called ‘PRINT THESE NOW!’ I just seem to keep putting it off.

I noticed in my local shopping centre that the two photo shops have gone, but then there are others in the city that are still enduring. So I’m guessing not everyone is like me.

I know there are the advantages of knowing exactly what you’re going to print. You have the knowledge of which shots didn’t turn out well compared to paying to develop a roll of film that you’re not sure if they all turned out well or not. I guess I’m just as happy flicking through files as I am pages. Plus I like my digital photo frame. Much more flexible than being stuck with one photo for a period of time.

What would you prefer? Print out all you photos and have the physical albums or store them digitally?


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