How much is too much?

Communication I mean. Sure, these days we seem to have higher levels of communication as we have more and more ways to contact each other. Phone, text, email, Facebook to name a few. Per person though, how often is enough? Too little? Too much? For me, I’d have to say once a week is enough. I’m not that big of a communicator (says the woman keeping a blog). The art of conversation somehow eluded me as I grew up. Being interesting instead of annoying, talking instead of babbling. These are things I never really learnt.

Anyway, veering slightly off track here. The reason I bring this up is because my mum seems to think that if I don’t call everyday that I must not care. ‘What if I’m dead?’ is her favourite saying. Much worse if she is actually sick and I don’t call in the mistaken belief that I’m letting her rest. (I actually ignore the phone if I’m sick.) The thing is, I’d know if something really bad happened to her and in general, I don’t have much to talk to her about. Not if I call every day. It’s be, ‘Hi mum. How are you? Good? OK. Bye.’ To me, when we used to stay with her every Friday night, that was good. I’d have a week’s worth of events to talk to her about.

So, am I doing it wrong? How often do you keep in contact with family and friends (those that you don’t see daily anyway)?


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